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Model has an active student body with a variety of opportunities for athletic involvement, as early as the 4th grade. Service learning and participation in a sport, club or organization are graduation requirements, so it is not surprising that 80% of Model students participate in athletics.

Athletic Director: Scotty Sutton,

Asst. Athletic Director: Melanie Smith,

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Note: Only regular season home basketball games (middle school, junior varsity, and varsity) will be live-streamed according to Model's team schedule. Live-stream will only be available approximately five minutes prior to the beginning of the scheduled game time. To stay up to date on Model Athletics news, visit

Healthy at Model: Athletics Guidelines

Spectator attendance will be extremely limited for Model’s winter sports programs including swimming and diving, archery, cheerleading, and basketball. Model will be following all KHSAA guidelines, and in some instances, the Governor’s recommendations for college facilities. 

A voucher system will be used wherein no spectator will be admitted without a voucher. More information will be communicated about how to view select athletic events online shortly. 

For the health and safety of our community, our athletics community is asked to follow these important guidelines this season:

  • No general admission will be available for the 2021 winter sports programs (including swimming and diving, archery, cheerleading, and basketball)
  • No use of locker rooms for home or away teams. 
  • No shared water coolers. Teams and or players must bring their own water bottle
  • Mask must be worn by spectators at all times. 
  • Mask must be worn by coaches at all times.  
  • Mask must be worn by players. Players can remove the mask to play in the game. If they are on the bench, they must wear a mask.
  • Games in the gym will be limited to 20% capacity (83 people including players, coaches, and select individuals with vouchers)
  • Visiting teams for volleyball must send a roster with two spectators per player 
  • Transportation to away games will be limited.  Each player must sit every other seat and with their mask on. 
  • All players must have their temperature checked before boarding and must wear a mask the entire trip.
  • Cheerleaders must wear mask while participating
  • Indoor locker rooms will not be used.  Players must arrive in uniform.  If we are traveling immediately after school, two players at a time can enter the locker room to change into their uniform before boarding the bus.
  • Spectators will follow responsible social distancing of at least 6 feet
  • The concession stand will only be allowed to provide pre-packaged food or drinks (chips, candy, coke or sports drinks)
  • Players will maintain responsible social distancing of at least 6 feet on the bench

Thank you for doing your part to support the Model Athletics community!

Fall 2020 Athletics

Girls Basketball (Grades 5 - 8): Coach Lee Cummings

Cheer (Grades 5 - 8): Coach Sequoia Wheeler

Cross Country (Grades 6 - 12): Coach Bryan Dyer

Dance (Grades 6 - 12): Coach Lauren Kundert

Men's Golf (Grades 7 - 12): Coach Donnie Kidd

Women's Golf (Grades 7 - 12): Coach John Morgerson

Boy's Soccer (Grades 6 - 8): Coach John Smith

Girls' Soccer (Grades 5 - 8): Coach Catherine Wibbels

Men's Soccer (Grades 9-12): Coach Tim Masthay

Women's Soccer (Grades 9 - 12): Coach Mike Austin

Volleyball (Grades 7 - 12): Coach Anthony Mayer

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