About Model

     Model Laboratory School was established over 100 years ago on the campus of Eastern Kentucky University.  Model’s purpose is to educate students from Pre-K through 12th grade while providing field experiences for EKU students and demonstrating evidence-based strategies.  Enrollment is about 720 students for all grade levels who are served by 86 faculty and staff professionals.  As the only laboratory school remaining in the state of Kentucky, Model Lab offers a unique opportunity for interaction among college faculty, Pre-K through 12th grade faculty, and students of all ages. 

     Outstanding academics place Model in the top of the state on test scores.  Model High School was ranked number six in the state of Kentucky for ACT scores in 2010.  The 46 members of the senior class received over a million dollars in scholarships and over 98% of the students enter college each year.  Gifted programs are available for all students in cognitive, academic, arts, creativity and leadership areas.  An inclusive approach to special education includes a variety of services and transition programs for the success of all students.

     Students apply to Model Lab School and are placed on a waiting list by grade level.  The school accepts up to 60 students per grade level on a “first-come, first-served” basis.  Application requests can be made through the Model web page.

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